True Colors: A-symmetrische mode project om scoliose te vieren

Voorjaar 2023 nam Anneloes (20), mode student in Amsterdam, contact met ons op. Ze wilde graag een mode project omtrent scoliose maken en had hierbij een model nodig. Oprichter en projectmanager, Jana, had tijd om dit mooie idee om scoliose op een inspirerende manier neer te zetten, te ondersteunen. En heeft als model gediend.

Anneloes heeft een digitaal ontwerp gemaakt met behulp van een 3D scan. Uiteindelijk is daar een outfit uitgekomen, die op de a-symmetrische maten van Jana is gemaakt. Geïnspireerd op de mode uit de jaren ’80 met het doel om scoliose op een unieke en mooie manier neer te zetten.

Met Stichting I love my back staan we al tijd open op ideeën te ondersteunen. Dus laat het ons gerust weten, als je een inspirerend idee hebt omtrent scoliose, dan kunnen we altijd kijken wat er mogelijk is. Luister ook de podcast waarin Anneloes meer vertelt over haar proces hier.

Hieronder de hele omschrijving van het project in het Engels:

‘Introducing “True Colors”: a collection that passionately embraces scoliosis, inspired by Cindy Lauper’s iconic song. It embodies authenticity and acceptance through asymmetrical tailoring and digital precision, offering perfect fit designs. By creating awareness and sharing useful facts about scoliosis, it aims to make a difference.’

My name is Anneloes Blijdenstein and over the past six months, I completed a Minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI): Cyber Hypercraft. During my minor, the assignment was to create five different designs, all digitally, with one design also being made physically.

It was an exciting challenge that I wholeheartedly embraced. I am proud of the end result, but it didn’t come easy. Read below to discover my proces.

After two and a half years at AMFI, I discovered my passion for tailoring, which involves customising clothing. In tailoring, there is an assumption that the human body is straight and perfect. However, this is not the reality. This led me to explore the variations in body postures, which ultimately brought me to an incredibly beautiful and inspiring target audience: people with scoliosis.

I delved deeper into this subject and got in touch with Jana from the “I Love My Back” foundation. This organisation supports projects, products, and services related to the back. Their core values are support, connection, and dialogue.

Jana, who has scoliosis, became my model during this period. Her body is a-symmetrical due to scoliosis.

I designed an outfit specifically for her, one that perfectly complements her beautiful silhouette. The process of research, design, and execution resulted in a beautiful outcome. Thanks to a-symmetrical tailoring and digital precision,  I was able to tailor the outfit to her exact measurements.

For this minor, it was crucial to explore a new technology. I chose to design a brace using a 3D printer. Braces are essential for many people with scoliosis but are often hidden away. Concealing a brace is the norm, but I believe it can be different. That’s why my design incorporates the brace as part of the outfit.

Jana Spierings thank you for being part of this project with me.
Stichting I love my back, thank you for the collaboration and keep up the good work!

Mocht je contact op willen nemen met Anneloes, dan kan dat via anneloes.blijdenstein @

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